2023-10-21 09:00:39

Ladies and gentlemen, dear members of the RPN,
My name is Célestin Tazoukong and I have been a member of the RPN for 05 (five) years.
It is with enthusiasm that I learned of the call for applications for the renewal of the governing bodies of our RPN Community and I very much wish to be part of it. Indeed, this is the opportunity for me to make my modest contribution to the perpetuation and development of this noble community mission that previous teams have succeeded in making into one of the most important organizations of Cameroonians in the diaspora.

Fifty years old and professional insurer, I have extensive experience as a manager, in the management of associative organizations and in the organization of events. By way of illustration, I was:
  - Executive Secretary of the Association of Insurance Companies of Cameroon (28 companies, 12 Technical Commissions and more than 5000 employees),
  - Managing Director of insurance companies,
  - Member of the organizing committee in Cameroon for the FANAF Insurance Forum (Federation of African National Insurance Companies) and two editions of the National Quality Week.

The notoriety and seriousness acquired by the RPN, the fruit of the excellent work of the founding members and the various teams that followed, are solid foundations on which we can calmly consider new projects.
While maintaining focus on our basic mission, I am thinking in particular of :
  - The vertical diversification of our activities for greater optimization of our resources (for example, the establishment of a funeral home, the construction or acquisition of a headquarters for the RPN with a modular room and multifunctional);
  - Implementation of solutions to facilitate the integration of new immigrants;
  - Improving communication on the RPN platforms to make them, beyond their traditional missions, reliable sources of information on major regulatory, legal, economic and social developments both in Cameroon and in Canada for a better information for members of our community.

My candidacy for the RPN Board of Directors is the result of a carefully considered commitment in the sense that the task is immense and requires sustained availability.
I am convinced that with your support for this well-run election, proof of the incontestable vitality of the RPN, we can elevate our community even higher by following the lines remarkably traced by our predecessors.

Together we are stronger!
Bonjour Félicitations pour votre candidature aux élections du CA RPN. Troc Radio souhaiterai consacrer 45 - 70 minutes avec vous en onde pour savoir plu au sujet de votre engagement. Merci de nous contacter au 514-9637529 .
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