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What we do

RPN network decided to take the bull by the horns and set up an organization that encompasses all Cameroonian groups and volunteer associations anxious to eradicate the phenomenon of public fundraising when a death occurs.

Motivate each member of the community to attend an association of their choice. We encourage them not to live in isolation but of belonging to a group within the community to prevent cases such as those that occurred in Canada in the past. Most of the time, the nationality of people are only discovered after their death, and they do not know or have anyone in the community.

The objectives of RPN

Encourage members of the Cameroonian community

to come out of their isolation by integrating the different existing associations in order to facilitate their integration and strengthen solidarity.

Ensure that the our funeral service

partners provide the required services as stipulated in their agreements with RPN.

Provide a lasting solution to the chapter of bereavement contributions with all the associations

of the immigrant community in case of death of one of their members. It is known that the financial contribution during the loss of a member in a group or association remains by far the most important help, and no one is ever quite prepared to assume the financial burden.

Gather around all existing Cameroonian associations

in Canada to facilitate the operations surrounding the death of a member of the immigrant community in Canada.

RPN wants by this socio-community approach,

relieve the bereaved family and group by reducing the costs related to the death.

Work collectively to facilitate the management

of repatriation or execution of the last will of the deceased.

Core Values

RPN is a non-profit organization, whose primary mission is to help the community and eradicate public funding request after a death occurs.

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Integrity and professionalism:

Donor funds and associations are operated according to (the) line (s) budget (s) and that all transactions are carried out transparently. RPN never uses the funds for other reasons other that its primary objective.

We provide financial reports to donors and member associations, regardless of the amount of the grant or contribution. We believe that the timely submission of these reports create the trust we earn from our donors


All our volunteers are trained to treat all our stakeholders with respect.

Fairness, Equity et Teamwork:

We endeavor to reach out to all vulnerable and needy children and their families regardless of their race, educational background, family history or color. We do not support political parties, religious groups or a particular group of the society.

We involve the grassroots in problem-solving. We do not take an implementation role: we take a facilitator role so that programs will be sustainable even in the event we wind-up programs in areas where we work.

Membership conditions

One of the objectives pursued by RPN is to motivate each member of the community to attend an association of their choice. Persuade him / her out of isolation and belong to a group within the community to avoid cases like those that occurred in Canada in the past (people who would have known their nationality only after their death.) And worse whom no one in the community knew of). It is often very shameful to deal with this kind of situation. Hence the importance of being a member (or sympathizer) of an association or a group. To be a member of RPN:

It is mandatory to be a member of an association or a group in the community.

The association or group of which you are a member or sympathizer is registered with RPN and indirectly grants you membership with RPN.

Any association in the community has the opportunity to offer all its members the right to be members of RPN by signing a membership agreement and payment of a one time registration fee of $ 20 through the RPN's website.

Our team

In order to serve you better we are made up of a team of experts

William Tiekeu

Member of the Board

François Wafo

IT Manager
Member of the Board

Christophe Djingou

President RPN
Member of the Board

Armelle Assako

General secretary
Member of the Board

Caty Josee Htoukam

Secretarial Vice
Member of the Board

Guy Epasse

Member of the Board

Paul Serge Nkuisso

Vice treasurer
Member of the Board

Justin Nkouagnia Tankoua

Member of the Board

Armstrong Sache

Member of the Board

Marie Lucie Nga

Collection Manager
Member of the Board

Frédéric Miyoupo

Member of the Board

Guy-Narcisse NANA

Member of the Board

Éric Noupoyou

Vice president
Member of the Board