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Welcome to the Return of the Natives Network

Following the disappearance of a member of the African community in general and Cameroon in particular, it is rare to see public sorrow and misery organized to raise funds for the repatriation of the corpse. This approach far from being an exception, is fast growing. In the absence of comprehensive North American repatriation insurance that can help in such circumstances, it is cruel to note that more and more of us live in isolation here in Canada (some members of the larger community might believe that they are sheltered by subscribing to one or more life insurance). When death strikes, the community comes and all shamefully begging and passing round the envelope to raise fund to facilitate the process of repatriating the corpse.

Faced with this phenomenon that is far from the essence of the African Diaspora in Canada, the RPN(Return of the Natives Network) decided to take the bull by the horns and set up an organiza and set up an organization that surrounds all Cameroonians, groups and voluntary associations anxious to eradicate the phenomenon of public quests for each death. RPN has a harmonious and organized approach based on the strength of numbers. We believe that each death is a death to the community and as such we call on each member to act with compassion and commitment.

The more the number increases, the lower the individual share and the remains will now be repatriated with love, dignity and humanity in strict accordance with their last wills. This is a message to every member of the community, this message concerns us and appeals to everyone because death is something that will knock on our door sooner or later. Think ahead and take the option of being counted among the members of the RPN.

Services Offered

Ensure homeland in repatriation or carrying out your wishes

Lighten individual contributions by the weight of numbers, because the more we are, the less you pay into

Ensure that the bereaved family is entitled to the administrative side all that is due them (annuity)

Organize and plan the funeral according to the wishes of the deceased or the family

Ensure a harmonious and dignified return of the body

Give the same coverage to all members of your family living with you here in Canada

Offer the services of a project manager (Magnus Poirier) for funeral services

Provide opportunities to the bereaved family to grieve

Bring together a community around a common cause to humanity: (death)

Do otherwise at the loss of community members (over public quests)

Bring a little dignity and humanism treating body to be repatriated

Give broad dissemination to death for each death becomes community

Reduce the factor aids in member associations

Our Mission

One of the objectives of the RPN is to motivate every member of the community to attend an association of their choice. We persuade them to leave not to live in isolation but to belong to a group within the community to avoid cases such as have occurred in Canada in recent months. Most times, the persons' nationality are discovered only after their deaths, and they don't know or have any person in the community.

This is often very shameful to face this kind of situation, hence the importance of being a member or supporter of an association or group such as RPN.


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Lastest News/Dernieres Nouvelles

La communauté RPN a le regret d annoncer le décès d'un de ses membres CHRISTIAN MICHEL ABOMO BIDJO survenu le 08 Février 2017 à l'Hôpital Pierre Boucher de Longueuil.

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Novembre 2014-Novembre 2016

Le RPN a officiellement 2 ans et le chemin parcouru est déjà bien impressionnant. De 1000 membres espérant en 3 ans (novembre 2017), le RPN franchi des étapes et surtout battu des records d’inscription car à moins 1 an de la fin du premier mandat, l’objectif espéré est lourdement dépassé. On parle de plus de 7 200 membres régulièrement inscrits et Actifs.

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16 AVRIL 2016

Toutes les personnes en visite au Canada, ont depuis le 16 Avril 2016, le droit de solliciter la couverture du programme communautaire RPN par l’entremise d’une association ou groupe. (Tout visiteur accepté au sein du réseau RPN pour être couverte en cas de décès, DOIT DÉCÉDER AU CANADA (à l’intérieur des frontières Canadiennes)

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Norbert Djabomé Djamen

L’homme derrière le RPN est un être effacé et très discret, il est passionné par les choses nouvelles et carbure aux rêves de pouvoir changer positivement les choses. C’est un rêveur dans l’âme. Il consacre ses temps libres aux montages de projets et est convaincu que ces projets finiraient par être réalisés un de ces quatre matins.

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la communaute RPN a le regret d annoncer le deces d un de ses membres Francine Woupé survenu le 23 juin 2016

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Comme RPN, encouragez les entreprises des membres